January 17th

The end of tour is such a bittersweet feeling. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that we managed to do and see everything we did on our whirlwind tour of China and Singapore, and it’s weird to think that, in about 48 hours, we’ll be starting classes back in Gettysburg. But as far as last days go, this one was great.

It’s the rainy season here in Singapore, but we experienced a beautifully clear day as we headed over to the nearby resort area of Sentosa Island. We took a cable car ride from mainland Singapore to the island, where we experienced amazing views of the island and surrounding waters.



Our first stop at Sentosa Island was a museum with displays and figures demonstrating the history and rich cultural heritage of Singapore’s people. We next took a ride up a glass tower to see 360-degree views of Singapore as well as nearby Indonesia and Malaysia.



Many students took a luge ride down the mountain and a ski lift back up before we headed to the island’s aquarium.


After the aquarium, we had lunch on our own and the opportunity to relax for a few hours on the beach. Sitting on a beach, feet in the water, on the 17th of January was the greatest feeling, and we were quite reluctant to leave the beach behind.



What better way to end our tour than with one more concert? Once again, the National University of Singapore welcomed us into their gorgeous campus. We played through our program one last time, with an extra surprise at the end. We played a transcription of the famous and popular Stand Up for Singapore as an encore. This is one of the many national songs of Singapore (they get a new one every year!) and was definitely a hit with the audience. It was a great end to what has been a great tour.


Tomorrow is our earliest morning yet- we leave for the airport at 2:30 AM. The group is split into four flights with layovers in quite a few different cities- Tokyo, Hong Kong, Chicago, or Denver. We’ll all be back on campus sometime between 10 PM Saturday or 3 AM Sunday, just in time for classes to start on Monday!

There have been so many wonderful and valuable experiences that we have had in the last two weeks, and we’re so glad you could follow along vicariously! While we have been posting photos on our own flickr account, our traveling photographer has been doing the same with Gettysburg College’s flickr account. The photos are phenomenal, and you should check them out! Here’s the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gettysburgcollege/sets/
Also check out our story on the Gettysburg College homepage: http://www.gettysburg.edu/news_events/press_release_detail.dot?id=eaae3253-b37a-4b87-bfe7-2316f7dc8867

Finally, we’d like you to meet the bloggers!

Jane Best and David Dalton have been the authors of all of the posts during this tour.
Jane is a junior Music Education major from West Chester, PA, and plays euphonium.
David is a junior Music major from Hatfield, PA, and plays trombone.
We’d like to thank all of those who contributed pictures over the course of this tour, as we received many SD cards from individual students who wanted their pictures shared. Most of our pictures came from Dr. McCutcheon, and we’re grateful for his talent in photography!
If you have any questions or comments that you’d like us to address directly, feel free to email us at bestja01@gettysburg.edu and/or daltda01@gettysburg.edu respectively. We’d be happy to hear from you!

For all of our photos from today, check out our flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/113489266@N06/sets/72157639869772124/

See you later Asia, it’s time to go home!


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