January 5th and 6th

Our group was split in two for this first flight to Beijing- the first half left Gettysburg at 5:30AM to take off from Newark at 12:20. The second departed at 7:15 to take off from Dulles at 12:40.


Airports are complicated. Add in a bunch of band instruments and equipment, and it further complicates the experience. Many airport staff members do not have much experience with our instruments, which led to some trouble during check-in. One of our tuba players even ended up taking a separate flight to get his tuba on board (don’t worry, he had a buddy and it worked out just fine!). Our Dulles group boarded just about on time, but the Newark group was delayed two hours. During this delay, I had some time to do some interviews- we’ll post those tomorrow.


After 14 hours in the air, or about 24 total travel hours, we landed in Beijing! We met our tour guide, May, who will be helping us out for the duration of our stay in China. The day ended with a delicious Chinese dinner, served family-style. Tomorrow, we’ll start our tour of China off with exploring Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City as well as performing our first concert at Beijing Wuzi University.



Check out more photos from the day at http://www.flickr.com/photos/113489266@N06/sets/72157639477979785/


3 thoughts on “January 5th and 6th

  1. Hi to all. Luv the pics. My wife and I spent 18 days in China last Sept. The people, sights and food were amazing! Singapore is great, too. We are looking forward to following your posts. Take it all in and have a ball!

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